Scale Smarter with AI That Understands Your Business

Funify Chat Support with Conversational AI. 🀘

Perfect for brands after deeper customer connections, makes every chat a fun and informative experience. It's not just Q&A, it's about sparking joy with lively, tailored chats that guide people to the answers, services, support, or products they are looking for.



Feed Your AI's Brain

Simply add FAQ, upload files, or link your website. AWSME swiftly learns everything it needs to know to deliver top-notch chats effortlessly.


Style & Spice Up Your AI

Dress it up in your brand's colors, then teach it to charm with your unique vibe.


Pop It on Your Website

Slap our simple embed code on your site, and boom – your chat widget's live and kicking!


Sync with Your Favorite Tools

Hook your AI into HubSpot, Convertkit, and beyond with just a few clicks. Let the AI awesomeness begin.

Save your time (&πŸ’°) answering the same email or live chat questions.

Your business is growing, your product's selling and high-fives are being dolled out left and right. Then it happens... A tsunami of inbound emails, live chats, and that pesky carrier pigeon that keeps showing up. What do you do?

First, shoo that damn pigeon away because bird poop sucks. Next, train your awesome AI, give it a killer personality, and drop it on your website.

Watch the magic happen.


Give your CRM or sales team awesome new superpowers πŸ’ͺ.

Imagine your CRM on steroids. That's what AWSME AI brings to the party. It's like having a super-smart assistant who knows exactly where your potential customers are in their journey. Just by chatting, it figures out their stage, tags 'em like a pro, and serves up the perfect links or actions.

It's not just a conversation; it's a conversion machine!

We currently support:

Awesome Features

Simple, easy to use, and super powerful.


Chat Magic Unleashed

Go beyond textβ€”videos, links, GIFs, oh my! makes every chat an unforgettable adventure.


AI Performance, Unboxed

Track AI awesomeness with real-time feedback. learns from every cheer and jeer, turning "oops" into "a-ha!" moments for non-stop improvement.


Team Power, Activated

Rally your heroes with Assign, share, and collaborate for an AI masterpiece built by teamwork. It's your digital Avengers against dull chats

Real Talk, Not Just Scripted Replies
Chat in Any Language, Anytime
Spot-On Answers to Even the Trickiest Questions
Always On 24/7 Service, Every Day of the Year
First-Class Human Experience

Simplify the Customer Journey

Giving customers the freedom to express in their own words crafts personalized, spot-on experiences that boost your sales pipeline, quicken deals, and skyrocket marketing returns.'s AI chatbots ramp up engagement by 42% over standard button-based chats, answering any question, anytime. This means you effortlessly deliver what your customers seek, even during the 50% of conversations happening after hours, all while keeping your team fresh, focused and closer to inbox-zero.

Yep. It's awesome.

What people are already saying.

So impressed! Even the early features are awesome! Love that it's a chatbot that a marketing guy like me can actually train to answer questions better & drive sales.
Micah Cohen
Founder - Head of Growth
I love how easy is to set up, train, and enable our site to be a helpful tool for visitors at scale. It has also helped us turn our website into an internal resource for all departments around our brand's products, services, and expertise.
George B. Thomas
Founder - Sidekick Strategies
I’m so impressed with! At first, I was skeptical how useful it would actually be. There are plenty of support tools for capturing website visitors and I had some doubts that this was any different. Man was I wrong.
Jeff Agostinelli
Coach | Content Creator | Endurance Athlete

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