Unlock the Full Power of Conversation with AWSME.ai

Step into the spotlight with AWSME.ai, where AI chats go beyond smart—they become the heartbeat of your brand. Get ready to turn clicks into captivating conversations and visitors into loyal fans!

On-brand Personality

Make Your AI the Life of the Online Party

Give your AI a dash of personality to perfectly echo your brand's voice! Whether you're all about that professional poise or prefer to keep things on the cheeky side, AWSME.ai lets you infuse your chatbot with a tone that resonates with your audience.

It's like giving your website a charismatic host who's always on-brand, eager to chat, and will refill your drink. 🍸

Custom Interactions

Turn Chats into Experiences with Multimedia Magic

Why limit to text when you can dazzle with videos, links, and GIFs? With AWSME.ai, transform each customer interaction into an immersive journey. Our AI doesn't just chat; it entertains, informs, and connects, making every conversation a memorable one.

It's not just support; it's a fun experience people will tell others about.

Q&A Insights

Your AI's Report Card

Keep your finger on the pulse of AI excellence with real-time ratings! AWSME.ai doesn't just guess; it learns directly from your audience. Downvotes? They're opportunities disguised as feedback, guiding you to refine and perfect.

With these insights, your AI doesn't just evolve; it thrives on applause and constructive criticism alike.

Training Made Easy

A Brainiac AI That's Always Learning

Equip your AI with the brainpower of a genius! Training with text files, website content, and FAQs, AWSME.ai becomes an expert on your brand & and business, ready to impress visitors with its knowledge.

It's like having a team member who never stops learning and loves homework more than you thought possible.

Pulse Check

The AI Health Check You Didn't Know You Needed

How's your digital genius doing? Pulse gives you the lowdown, from engagement rates to lead generation. It's like a fitness tracker for your AI, ensuring it's always in top shape to engage and convert.

With Pulse, you're not just tracking; you're strategizing for an ever-more awesome AI.

Full Style Control

Dress to Impress with Custom Chat Widgets

First impressions matter, and with AWSME.ai's customizable chat widgets, your site will always look its Sunday best. Match the chat widget to your brand's style, making every conversation start on the right foot.

It's not just a chat; it's an extension of your brand's visual identity.

Lead Generation

Turn Chats into Leads with an AI Wingman

Our AI isn't just a conversationalist; it's a networker. With the email capture feature, it subtly secures contacts, turning casual chats into valuable leads.

It's like having a digital wingman that helps you grow your business effortlessly.

API Integrations

Seamless Syncing with Your Favorite CRM

Make AWSME.ai your team's MVP by integrating with HubSpot and ConvertKit. Sync emails, streamline your workflow, and keep your marketing engine running smoothly.

It's like having a digital assistant that's got your back, connecting dots you didn't even know existed.

Team Management

Collaborate Like a Dream Team

Bring your squad together with AWSME.ai's team management. Assign roles, share insights, and unite your powers to create an AI that's truly a team effort.

It's like assembling a digital Avengers, each member bringing their unique skill to the battle against bland customer experiences.

Let's Go!

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